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The Mets Hat

The (Black) Mets Hat!

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Image of The (Black) Mets Hat!
  • Image of The (Black) Mets Hat!

The Mets Hat will be back around opening day!

Please fill out THIS FORM in order to be notified when the hats become available again!

Please allow two weeks (or so) for shipping. YOUR PATIENCE IS APPRECIATED!

They are "Snap Backs"

Do you love Art? Do you love New York's greatest baseball club? Then you have excellent taste, and you'll love these hats.

A marriage of two New York institutions, a blending of world's unique to our beautiful metropolis. This black hat harkens back to one half of the Mets heritage, the Giants, and also matches the gothic themed outfit you are probably wearing.

All proceeds go to the Planned Parenthood and RAICES (immigrant legal support)

Ship from NYC.

Met and Mets: please email us we want to collaborate we aren't trying to make money off of this just make something everyone enjoys and raise money for charity please don't sue us.

p.s. I'm in new york but doing in person pick up to save on shipping is pretty time consuming for me and hard to manage given I work a normal-ish non-mets job to actually pay rent. Therefore please limit requests for in person rush pick ups to the following gift based exceptions: imminent birthdays, funerals, quinces, bar/bat mitzvahs with exceptional half torah portions, bris, confirmations, weddings (whole bride/groom/their party orders only), anniversaries > 5 years (unless it's "real").