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The Mets Hat

The Mets Mask

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  • Image of The Mets Mask

Stay (non-CDC approved) safe while supporting baseball's most toxic franchise!

The Mets and the symbol for biohazardous waste: a classic match made in baseball heaven!

New Yorkers (or wherever you may be), I'm not gonna sugar-coat it: times are tough. Our city is going through a generational struggle. With so many of those close to us sick, out of work, and suffering, thinking about baseball at a time like this can feel absurdly irrelevant. However, baseball can also offer a beacon of hope, a reminder of better times and a better future that lies ahead*

But mostly, we all need to wear masks whenever we go outside (no exceptions you rascals).

So, why not represent the team and the city we love with an updated logo for the toxic times we live in, and a little levity.

Better yet, all the money from these (roughly 8 dollars per bandana) goes directly to Make The Road NYC, and organization doing critical COVID related work in some of our most hard hit neighborhoods, from running a food pantry to health and legal services.

Alright alright, about the masks:

They are bandanas. They are roughly 22x22 inches unfolded. The logos are printed on one side so that you don't have a logo against your mouth when you breath. They are cotton. Obviously these are not PPE or CDC approved.

Stay safe out there, stay strong, and stay hopeful.

In the words of Bobby Valentine, "When it's the bottom of the Ninth and the game of life is on the line, you don't call John Rocker, you call a New Yorker"**

Model is 5'10" and looking directly into the sun.

Please allow around a week and a half for shipping etc. To reduce shipping costs these might not have tracking numbers.

*86-76, 3 games out of the Wild Card

**Not an actual Bobby V. quote but don't tell Cuomo and we might see it in a briefing next week